We Will No Longer Be Silent

A Note to Victims and Their Advocates


Are you a marijuana victim?

Have you been adversely affected by the commercialization, normalization, proliferation of marijuana use or by someone’s involvement with marijuana?

More people than you might imagine have suffered loss of some kind from this drug and this industry. Thousands. The marijuana lobby's lies and propaganda have harmed and fooled a lot of people.  Most do not speak against the drug for fear of ridicule and resistance from the very vocal marijuana proponents - including much of the press and our politicians.

We need you to become involved, open and vocal about your adverse experiences. We need to support each other in our efforts to educate about the risks and harms of use, of the commercialization and normalization of the drug.

We share accurate knowledge about today’s increasingly and dangerously potent marijuana being used in new ways to hide use from family, educators and employers with vaping and edibles. We are educating about the current outcomes, risks, harms, damages and dangers.

We are energizing a new citizens/parents national movement aimed at protecting America’s youth from this highly potent, mind-altering, long acting, addictive drug.  In the 1980’s there was significant reduction in use of drugs by youth because their perception of risk was raised. We will reawaken that interest and perception.

Please join us. We suggest a number of different options for being counted as a member of our Marijuana Victims Alliance.

1.    Fully participating – sharing your personal story of victimization in written publication, interviews with media, public speaking.

2.    Anonymously sharing – sharing your personal story of victimization with your identity protected.

3.    Partially participating – sharing your story in limited ways or perhaps telling a story you know but in which you are not personally involved.

4.    Donating your time or financial support even if you do not participate as a victim. 

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